Since 1981, Lynk Systems has partnered with our clients to match technology solutions to their business and their needs. Once appropriate IT solutions are chosen, we make sure that both hardware and software are installed, configured, and integrated correctly. Post-installation we remain with our clients to provide ongoing technical support and regular maintenance to keep their businesses running at all times. We are constantly researching leading technologies so we can make our clients aware of the ones that will improve the availability and performance of their systems, thereby making them more competitive in the marketplace.

Our highly trained and experienced staff of certified technicians provides ongoing training, support, and modifications for each of our clients as they grow. For over 29 years we at Lynk have accumulated hands on experience in hardware and software installation, configuration, maintenance and support for clients from minimal user small businesses up through businesses that need large enterprise systems. We maintain the highest level of certification to support all of our clients’ business system needs by providing ongoing training for our staff.

Lynk effectively supports all or part of the IT infrastructure for our clients. We built our business by listening to our clients’ needs and fulfilling them. Partnering with Lynk allows our clients to focus on their core business, maintain world class IT infrastructure at a lower cost than by insourcing, and achieve higher levels of flexibility than with competing approaches.

We look forward to discussing your business and technology needs to see if Lynk can assist in making your business more efficient.