Exceptional Support Capabilities

The Lynk team’s support approach is to be pro-active rather than re-active. Although Lynk always responds to issues that arise in its customers’ IT environments, Lynk’s goal is to be pro-active in minimizing the occurrence of potential issues with their customers’ hardware, networks and associated IT environment.

The highly experienced and certified Lynk Team will do standard monitoring and support over the Internet and by phone during regular business hours (8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday). Lynk also offers an Extended Hours Support (EHS) option. With the EHS option Lynk’s clients can choose to have access to Lynk support outside of regular business hours through a dedicated EHS phone number. Lynk employees all have firewall appliances at home with VPN access to Lynk’s IT network, so through the network, with the client’s approval, Lynk employees can provide EHS support from home as needed.

Lynk offers support options to run daily checks of your IT environment, to perform monthly hardware/software PM (preventative maintenance), and to complete biannual or annual shutdown PM for software upgrades, firmware upgrades and other maintenance that requires system downtime.

As added support for critical systems, Lynk utilizes hardware that sends warning messages to Lynk if the dependability of a client’s hardware device begins to waver. Lynk support staff then responds to the warning by researching and resolving the issue. If the Lynk staff is unable to resolve an issue in a timely manner, they use the support agreements that Lynk has in place with its major partners to request assistance with the matter and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.