Virtualization Solutions

Lynk, as a VMware Enterprise partner and a HP Enterprise Solutions partner, is certified to consult, install and support the virtualization of servers along with the related hardware devices (VMware) and storage area networks (HP SAN) with systems that fit the needs of Small Business up through the Enterprise Business environment (HP iSCSI, MSA & 3PAR storage systems).

Lynk’s Team includes several technical sales personnel and virtual infrastructure support engineers who are certified on the VMware products. They can analyze your IT infrastructure, recommend a virtualization approach, install the VMware products and support the newly installed VMware environment or one you might already have installed.

Virtualization dramatically improves the efficiency and availability of resources and applications in your organization. Internal resources are underutilized under the old “one server, one application” model and IT administrators spend too much time managing servers rather than innovating.

  • Get more out of your existing resources
  • Run multiple operating systems on a single computer including Windows, Linux and more
  • Increase availability of hardware and applications for improved business continuity
  • Securely backup and migrate entire virtual environments with no service interruption
  • Eliminate planned downtime and recover immediately from unplanned issues
  • Reduce datacenter costs by reducing your physical infrastructure and improving your server to admin ratio
  • Fewer servers and related IT hardware means reduced real estate and reduced power and cooling requirements

VMware customers report dramatic results when they adopt VMware virtual infrastructure solutions, including:

  • 60-80% utilization rates for x86 servers (up from 5-15% in non-virtualized PCs)
  • Cost savings of more than $3,000 annually for every workload virtualized
  • Ability to provision new applications in minutes instead of days or weeks
  • 85% improvement in recovery time from unplanned downtime

For more detailed information about VMware, click here.

Lynk’s Team includes several technical sales personnel and SAN support engineers who have experience with the HP SAN products including P4000 (LeftHand) iSCSI, MSA and 3PAR SANs. They can analyze your IT infrastructure, recommend a SAN approach, install the HP SAN with related products and provide ongoing support for the HP SAN once it is installed.

Storage Area Network (SAN) benefits include the following:

  • Increase performance and availability
  • Improves data storage management and reduces costs
  • Improves data backup efficiency and accessibility
  • Enables storage virtualization
  • Handle 50-100% annual storage growth with minimal, to no impact to your business